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Technical Specifications

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Do not compromise space and vision when dividing spaces.

Stacking partition system is an ideal solution where implementation of vertical folding glass walls proves troublesome. The stacking glass partition walls provide efficient design possibilities for narrow spaces.

When the system is open, the glass partitions are stacked hidden in the overhead stacking area in the celling, leaving more room on ground level for architectural solutions. Absence of rails and guides on the ground makes for a clear and easy passage. The concealed storage area above the suspended ceiling yields a clear and smart appearance. Minimal height is required for the storage of the system. Minimum stacking height may vary according to the wall height.

One button push activation grants user friendliness and security.

When the system is closed, transparent partitions maintain vision between divided spaces. The transparent wall partitions are ideal for entrances of banks and retail areas. Available alternatives to glass partitions are wood veneer and aluminum finishes.

When dividing larger spaces, support structures may be required in the intermediate section of the system. The whole system is power driven and activated by the push of a single button.

Special requirements may be satisfied by our expert technical staff.

The solutions offered by stacking glass walls are innovative. Silent and easy operation and high durability increase the user experience satisfaction.

Wood veneer finished partitions are also a plausible alternative for sound insulation requirements.

The stacking partition system eliminates issues caused by storage areas of conventional movable partitions.

The stacking partition system lets architects enjoy unlimited freedom.

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