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Technical Specifications



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Mowatec operable partition walls enable users to separate spaces such as ballrooms, banquet halls and restaurants into numerous smaller spaces and give those spaces brand new functions in a short time.

Mowatec is rendered unique by its timeless design, highly skilled manufacturing team and top quality components manufactured with state-of-the-art technology.

Mowatec knows no limits when it comes to creating design opportunities and functionality in any space. The only limits are in your imagination!

Mowatec operable partition walls present a range of sound transmission classes from 44 dB up to 59 dB, as certified by performance testing at Fraunhofer Institut in Germany. Mowatec offers not only an excellent architectural solution, but also optimum sound insulation for any and all of your design requirements. Maximum section height of up to 16.000 mm is offered. The thickness of a standard operable wall element is 100 mm. The height of the operable wall elements does not render any negative influence on its outstanding sound insulation performance. Manual or semiautomatic system options are offered.

A large variety of finishing surfaces are available. Laminated chip boards of various textures and colors, wood veneer, an assortment of textiles and vinyl coatings, leather and - transparent or tinted - glass are among finishing options; along with the possibility of applying desired patterns or logos on the partitions. The wall elements are available with window cutouts and pass doors, making the usage of the wall even more flexible and practical.

The parking zones are custom designed by our expert staff regarding the unique circumstances and available spaces for every single project. The special requirements of spaces such as conference halls, concert halls or theaters where aural comfort is a priority are confidently met by using special acoustic partitions.

The trust of our esteemed clientele from around the globe testifies to our quality.

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