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Technical Specifications

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Higher transparency with operable glass partitions...

Operable glass partitions help realizing architectural ideas easily and present flexible solutions. Glass partition walls create spaces which offer comfort, coziness and ease of communication by increasing the transparency and functionality of rooms. Glazed or completely transparent detail solutions may be used for the connection of glass partitions. The partitions are conveyed and brought to the parking position by the help of top wheels. No guides on the ground level are required. The glass partition walls provide outstanding sound and heat insulation when closed. The operable glass partition walls are a favorable choice since they do not occupy a large space on the ceiling. Superior production and mounting quality of all elements of the system guarantee reliability and durability. The operable glass partition walls are ideal for spaces like banks, retail areas, showrooms and galleries. They contribute to the appearance of hotel entrances, restaurants and canteens and create an aesthetic impression and an elegant effect. Any desired images, patterns or logos may be applied on the glass partitions, giving freedom for unlimited design ideas.

Multipurpose utilization is intended in the interior design of rooms. Mowatec glass partition walls impress the transition from outward to inward. Users will perceive the glass divisions as a welcoming façade instead of barriers.

The combination of intelligent design and state-of-the-art technology offers excellence in function. Motor driven glass partition walls will meet your demands at the highest level with their high production quality and problem-free operating systems.


Wall partitions separately move automatically in the tracks to the stacking area. If timing is of essence to the user, automatic operation is the answer. All partitions move by the press of a single button. Partial openings or angled personnel openings are also available. Intelligent control units provide continuity and regularity of speed. The compact motor and rail system requires minimal space.

The unprecedented benefits of the operable glass partition walls will contribute to your design and enhance user experience.

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